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Muskoka is, and always has been one of my favourite places to go in the summer. With the picturesque views, the beautiful lakes, the deep forests and towering trees, it is truly one of the treasures of Ontario! When my father-in-law invited us to go to his friends cottage for the weekend the answer was an obvious and resounding "Yes!". This summer trip up north was particularly special since we got to bring Finny and show him all the fun things you can do in Muskoka! We relaxed and played in the cottage, went swimming, relaxed on the dock, went for a couple of boat rides, we even took Finny for his very first tube ride! (Not to worry, Grandpa was in control and drove about as slow as the boat could go, easing this nervous mama into the idea of it).



One of the things I admire most about Finn is how brave he is! So far he has taken virtually every new experience we give him with a fearless attitude. He wanted Sam to swim him out to the floating dock, he seemed to really like the tube ride (although he kept his signature stoic face and held on tight to mum and dad!). The weekend ended with a sleeping baby moments into our drive home, giving mum and dad a three and a half hour date for the drive back. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend with family.