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vsco-photo-4 THIS WEEKEND SAM and I had a day date. It was the first time I can remember that we have had a good chunk of the day to ourselves and let me be the first to say #daydatesforthewin. Don't get me wrong, evenings out with Sam are always a great time and beggars-can't-be-choosers, I will take any opportunity I can to have some quality time sans bébé with him, but to have a whole morning and afternoon of time alone was bliss. Evenings can be hard to get the quality time in, since we are both usually mentally and physically drained from a long day at work or a full day at home with a one year old. The past few weeks have been particularly long and tiring, so when my mom called and asked to take Phineas to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair at the Exhibition this week we did not hesitate to give a resounding "Yes!".


vsco-photo-1 3We started our morning with a trip to Bonjour Brioche, a Parisian style patisserie in the neighbourhood that has been voted the best brunch in the city and best croissant in the city. We have stopped in for their croissants and baguettes in the past but hadn't made it there for brunch yet. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! We went big. We started with almond croissants and a warm drink, latté for him, hot chocolate for me. Then came the eggs benny. Anyone who knows me knows that, although I am not a huge breakfast person, I love eggs benedict. They serve their eggs benedict on their award winning croissants with peameal bacon or smoked salmon. Avocado and tomato are optional, but, I mean, who says no to avocado? Then we finished with a crème brulée tart which was devoured so quickly there was no chance of a photo being taken. I highly recommend going here if you are looking for a delicious brunch. Come before 11am though, otherwise the lineup goes around the block!


vsco-photo-2 2Our focus for the morning was to aim to do things that we couldn't do with Phineas. We realized that only things we both wanted to do were eat a meal with no distractions and great conversation, sleep and read, things that are are difficult impossible to do with a baby. So eat, sleep and read we did! We napped off our giant brunch for an hour or so and then made our way to Dark Horse Espresso Bar to finish our morning with quality time of reading in silence beside each other over a delicious cup of coffee.

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It was the perfect morning and the best way to refresh before another busy week. I am definitely hoping to incorporate more day dates in the future, like I said before... Day dates for the win!