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HALLOWEEN WAS A full on family day in our home this year. We started the morning off with a long walk to the St. Lawrence Market (more on that later) and came home and carved our pumpkin before the evening festivities began! Last year Finny was only one month old so we didn't even attempt to do anything Halloween-y since we were spending a month living at my in-laws with a newborn. This year, now that we are settled in our home and our neighbourhood is super family friendly, we decided to go big! Finny was pretty interested in the pumpkin carving, although as soon as I started making chili and cornbread mid-carve he was only happy to be in my arms and in the cooking action... a little chef in the making! vsco-photo-3


He was so interested the pumpkin guts. Such an interesting experience for him with new textures and smells and flavours! He was quick to learn that pumpkin seeds go in the mouth.

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The final product! We decided to go with a silly pumpkin this year to keep things light ;) A few years from now and I'm sure we'll be attempting to make the scariest pumpkin on the block!

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetIt was a Halloween safari in our house this year! Have you ever seen such a cute giraffe? He was not interested in his costume while we were at home (so this was the best picture we could get). He got more into it once he saw other kids in costume and he especially got into it when he realized that you get lots of food and treats for knocking on people's doors!

We had heard our neighbourhood was a busy one for halloween (our friends two blocks over get more than 300 kids every year) so we bought about 400 pieces of candy... Unfortunately since we live on a quieter street we only ended up having 3 kids come around. We now have enough candy to last us till next Halloween (too bad it doesn't keep that long!)

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!