Momo In The 6


Foodmomointhe61 Comment

I HAVE BEEN making these power balls for at least 5 years now. The recipe has grown with me as my needs changed or wanted to mix up the flavours but the base has always remained the same. I bring these over for friends when they have a baby for them to have a quick and filling snack during the blur of the first few weeks. My one friend even joked that these saved her pregnancy and her marriage from her "hangry" moments. I can definitely relate. I eat one before my morning workouts to get a quick bite in me without making me too full, and I will typically have another throughout the day as a snack to get me through the afternoons when things are in full-swing and I am on the go with my little man!

The recipe is very much to taste and you can adjust the amounts of ingredients as you wish. Since I am doing a month without sweets I omitted the syrup all together and used a little extra peanut butter to compensate for the lack of moisture and they turned out great.