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THE THING ABOUT Halloween when you have a 13 month old is that they don't really eat any of their candy. Which means that us, the parents are the ones who devour all of their loot and the leftover loot that didn't get handed out. My friend two block over had mentioned that they get around 300 kids every year for Halloween, so we bought more than 400 pieces of Halloween candy to give out. Unfortunately since we don't live on one of the major neighbourhood streets we only had 3 children come by. We were left with SO much candy. Four days later, after snacking continuously on it throughout the days since Halloween I couldn't take it anymore. I packed everything up and threw it in the garbage along with all the rest of the chips and junk food in the house. So I am attempting a "no sweets/junk" month since it's post Halloween and pre Christmas. No candy, baked sweets, sugary drinks, or chips. (I've been craving ruffles chips and onion dip lately. So dangerous.. so good). I find the longer I go without those things, the less I crave them. Within the first week I already have way more energy, what I thought were "pregnancy pimples" were actually just "all-the-junk-you-eat-is-going-to-your-face" pimples, and I am less hungry than I was for snacks during the day. Good thing it is clementine season, otherwise this would be a much more difficult challenge ;)

One week down, three more to go!


Anyone interested in joining me?