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TWO MONTHS AGO we moved to the East side of Toronto. Although it wasn't as big a transition as moving from Montreal to Toronto, we may as well have moved to a different city since the East and West sides of the city rarely interact. When we first moved to Toronto we were living in a 2 bedroom, 500 square foot condo in the trendy Queen Street West. It is an amazing neighbourhood with some of the best coffee, restaurants, and shopping the city has to offer. We lived there for five short months and I can honestly say that it never felt like home. Living in 500 square feet with a baby who is learning to move is no joke. We would laugh that you could stand in one spot and touch every surface in the condo. So when we found out we were expecting Baby #2 and they were due in March and our lease was up in May I knew that we needed to get out sooner and settle and nest before the baby came... there was no way I was going to be attempting to pack with a newborn and a 1.5 year old running around.

Our new home is much more suited to our growing family. We have two floors of a town home on a quiet street close to some of the best that the East side has to offer. We have a mudroom AND a private flagstone patio backyard that I am so excited to use next summer. For the first time since we have been married I have a kitchen that is really wonderfully laid out and has enough space to hold all of my kitchen appliances and utensils with space leftover! (It also has a gas stove AND a dishwasher, insert praise hands emoji!)

Phineas' mobility has increased 10 fold since we moved here two months ago and is now going from sitting to standing with no support, he crawls at a running pace and is walking along every piece of furniture in the house, even taking the odd "accidental step" by himself when he's not paying attention. I have a feeling he'll be walking solo very soon!