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A GOOD FITNESS regime has always been important to me. I have always tried to prioritize working out, walking everywhere and eating well. When I found out I was pregnant with Phineas, I had just run my first half marathon and I was determined to stay in the best shape I could while taking care of the human growing inside of me. I was not prepared for the first trimester fatigue or for the mommy-community-threads with a million different opinions about exercising and the harms vs benefits for my child. I ended up taking it really easy in my first trimester and sleeping as much as possible. I was nervous to work out or to continue running at the rate I had been so I toned it down and did some yoga and walking. I didn't find that to be enough for me and felt like I wanted something more challenging so, once I entered my second trimester I discovered and promptly ordered Tracy Anderson's Pregnancy Project and began doing her workouts four times a week. Tracy is formerly a dancer and the workouts require coordination while they focus on keeping you as toned and lifted as possible throughout your pregnancy so that you can bounce back quickly once the baby is born. I really loved this workout. There is a different workout for every month of pregnancy and they are only 40 minutes long. I found that when I would get the classic pregnancy back aches and leg pains if I did the workout it would stretch things back out and provide some much needed relief.

All that said, this pregnancy has been quite different from my first. I had just finished my 12 weeks of Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Program which was the best hardest workout I've done. It gave me better results for less time working out than any workout before... Like, "hello abs, I never though I'd see you again after having a baby"! With this pregnancy though, I suffered from nausea in my first trimester which I hadn't experienced with Finn, and I also had to take care of my at-the-time 9 month old baby and try to get as much sleep as possible. That said, I had no energy to do the intense workouts that I had been doing. Thankfully it was the summer so I continued to walk everywhere and tried to incorporate as many veggies as I could into my daily cracker-and-pasta-all-day diet.

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At five months pregnant I am in the sweet spot of the second trimester with more energy and a few weeks ago I began intentionally waking up before Finn and working out. Post Halloween and binge eating bowls upon bowls of candy, I realized I need to get my act together and into a routine before the winter hits and I don't want to do anything, not to mention I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding that is happening three months after the baby is born... talk about motivation! So, after my first week of consistently working out, combined with my "No Sweets November" intentionally cutting out refined sugars, I found that I had way more energy that was sustained throughout the whole day and into the evening. I'm trying to be realistic about bouncing back after the second baby, I have heard that it is much, much harder to do and much more difficult to keep toned and in shape with every child you have. (Abbie over at Grumbling Grace is 3 months post baby with her second child and has been on a road to find how to bounce back and incorporate working out with two young babes at home). But I figure I have to try. Being in shape and living a healthy, active lifestyle is so important to me and it is something I hope to model and motivate my kids to do.

How about you? Any tips on how you manage to have kids and maintain some semblance of your former pre-baby body?