Momo In The 6



WHAT A FUN age this is. I swear every month goes by and I go "No THIS is my favourite age"! Words: dada, mama, anna (he often calls me Anna, even though he can say Mama...Sam gets a good kick out of this), unny (bunny), ah duh (all done), dat (that), dere (there), ha (hot), dun (down)

Actions: We are learning a lot about "no touch" objects around the home like the oven, dishwasher, power outlets and cords etc. I never taught him any specific action but I have always been consistent in saying "No Finny, not for baby. No touch. Danger." to which he now will point to the object and turn and face me and shake his one pointed finger in the no-no

He loves to be tickled and laughs a lot. He loves to make us laugh with his silly antics. He loves to read his books and stack his rings and put his fridge magnets down the vent when we're not looking (we found at least 14 of them down there the other day!)

I sure do love this boy of mine!

Finny 14 months