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TWO MONTHS AGO we moved. Two months ago it was my sweet Phineas' first birthday. Two months ago my husband was working a 24 hour shift.

Mentally, physically and emotionally September 30th, 2015 was one of my hardest days.

Emotionally, I felt like a terrible mother for not being with my son all day on his birthday. I know, I know, everyone and their mother reminded me that he won't remember his first birthday. But I will. Thankfully a dear friend came and took him to the park and played with him during the main hours of the move so he still had lots of fun on his birthday.

Physically, being pregnant and moving was harder than I thought it would be. I am a stubborn and proud woman and like to do things myself, so there I was bent over disassembling couches and bed frames. I have moved 15 times so I am fairly confident in my moving abilities, even though my preggo bod might disagree with me, ha! Then once we were all moved in and everyone left and I was alone I began to unpack the kitchen and attempt to move bookshelves around and do heavy lifting and many other things that I probably shouldn't have done but there was no one else around to do it.

Mentally, moving without your spouse is no joke. Sam keeps me grounded and balances me out in basically every way. There were numerous moments throughout the day where I had to think to myself "What would Sam say/do in this position". I definitely shed a few tears after everyone who helped us move left and Phineas was in bed.

When we were looking for a new place to live we were set on finding a place we could stay in for a number of years, so we are hopeful that this is that place and we can stay here until "moving day 2015" is a far and distant memory.

Within just a few days of living here the house and the neighbourhood began to really feel like home. We have found a few fave cafés and restaurants to go in the neighbourhood, we've met some wonderful people and are starting to feel settled. It's good to be in Toronto. It's good to plant roots.