Momo In The 6



Momo and Finny I CAN'T BELIEVE my sweet boy is 15 months already. Everyone always tells you that the time flies but until you actually experience it you can't understand how fast (and yet how slow some days go) the time goes by. I feel like every age/stage gets better and better and I am weekly saying to Sam "now this age is the best!". Finny is officially walking and it is his chosen method of transportation. It is so freeing to have him walking, he is way more free to wander around the cafés we go to or the places we visit since he is at a far less risk of being stepped on and I don't have to be quite so neurotic about cleaning his hands. On top of all of that his pants stay mostly clean all day long, high-five for not having to wash them after every use!


He is talking up a storm and has about 25 words. His favourite words to say right now are "mama", "dada", "hot" for coffee or anything he knows is dangerous, "help"- he really emphasizes the "puh" sound which is adorable, "dunny" for his favourite stuffed bunny, "deddie" aka doggie and he freaks out anytime a dog walks by our house or when he sees one on the street, he clearly got my love for animals!, "all done" is a big shabang he does at the end of a meal and he says it multiple times getting progressively louder and raising his arms in the air, I think we have a performer on our hands ;), "up" used primarily to be held and participate while I am cooking in the kitchen. One of my favourite things about this age with Finn is that he is able to say "da" (for ya) or shake his head for "no". This has been a game changer! How much easier life is now that he can tell us what he wants!

Dada and Finny

Finn and his Hape kitchen

He has almost 12 teeth and is currently cutting four molars simultaneously, ouch. He eats basically everything with the exception of dairy since he still has a bit of a milk protein allergy. He is now officially sleeping in a big boy bed (more on that later!), he loves to play with his new toy kitchen, his stuffed dog and to throw balls. He always has something in his hand be it his spoon from breakfast or the whisk or spatula from his kitchen set. He loves to dance to music, play piano and read books while cuddling with his mama or dada.

What a joy it is to be his mum! He is such a sweet and tender soul and I am so blessed to be able to spend each day with him.

Momo and Finny