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Momo's Goals for 2016 I HAVE NEVER been the type of person to set goals as the New Year rang in, mainly because I know I am not typically the person to have the willpower to keep at them all year round. The thrill of them wears off by the end of January and by mid-March I've forgotten about them altogether. This year though, Sam and I sat down to make a goals list with the hopes that we can make the most of 2016 by striving for our personal bests, our families bests and to not let this year go by without personal reflection.

Here are my 10 goals for 2016


  • Be organized and stay organized. This is a hard one for me, when things get busy my detailed schedule goes out the window and I end up totally overwhelmed by the to-do list in my head that I can never remember when I need to. To help with this, I sat down yesterday while Finn was sleeping and spent two hours formatting my new moleskine to be the exact tool I need for the next four months. I was inspired by this picture (and I think you will be too!). I have included time in my schedule to sit down and plan for the following week, which is something I have not done in the past but am already enjoying so much.
  • Read 10 books. I read more in 2015 then I have in any other year of my life (you can read more about that here) and I loved it so much that I am setting a goal to read 10 books this year (which is actually less than last year but I will have two kiddos so I'm setting the bar at a more reasonable place... more attainable!). I would love to hear any recommendations you have!


  • Prioritizing health and eating well (even when it's busy). Since we are welcoming a baby in the next couple of months I am being very intentional about eating well and constantly having our fridge stocked with fruits, vegetables so we can make quick healthy snack choices. Most of the meals we eat are nutritious and healthy but to help avoid ordering greasy take out all the time when the new baby comes I have been making double portions of healthy meals and freezing half for when we're in a pinch. I also will be placing a large order with Farm to Table Meals and stocking our freezer with things for both Sam and I and for Finn to eat (they actually have a newborn package to stock the freezers of new parents with a few different, healthy meals... how amazing is that!?)
  • Workout regularly. After Finn I remember being so tired and waiting months before starting to work out again even though I had stayed active during my pregnancy by doing the Tracy Anderson: The Pregnancy Project DVD's (you can read about how I stay fit while pregnant here). I had lost the majority of my baby weight, but I still didn't feel good about my body or comfortable in my own skin. I started doing the BBG workout and loved it and was kicking myself for not starting earlier. Although it is tiring to workout, I was amazed at the energy I had after doing it, loved having designated, productive time for myself and found that I was more productive and generally happier throughout the rest of my day as well. As tough as it is I am aiming to walk more, do diastasis recti exercises daily and get out with both kids more during the 6 weeks postpartum before I can work out again and then to try to work out regularly once my doctor gives me the go-ahead.


  • Pray. I want to take the time to meditate and spend time praying for my husband, for my kids, for our family and friends and for our city. It is a spiritual discipline I have yet to focus on but am really looking forward to incorporating more of. I would love any advice that you have to contribute on how to practically incorporate it into a busy schedule!
  • Learn (half of) the shorter Westminster Catechism. There are 107 in total and I am committing to learning one a week, which means I won't finish it in year but am making this a two year goal. We are going to do them as a family and I have included space in my weekly planner and will be putting it weekly onto our kitchen chalkboard.


  • Be intentional with family time. This includes planning activities inside and outside of the house for us to do. I'd love suggestions of places to go and things to do with kids in the city!
  • Teach Finn how to pray. Finn is still quite young but he understands a lot and can communicate well. To think he will be almost two and a half when 2016 ends is wild/exciting/sad/terrifying to me. I want to be intentional about teaching him about Jesus this year and for him to know that he can talk to Him anytime he wants. Does anyone have any book recommendations for toddlers on how to pray?
  • Prioritize individual time with each child. Sam and I want to be intentional about having one on one time with each little. I am so aware that our time alone with Finn is ending soon and we are so excited to bring a sibling and hopefully friend for him into the world but we also want Finn and the baby to feel that they can have our undivided attention at times and to have special, quality with us.
  • Weekly date nights with my man. We are aiming to have a date night out every two weeks with a weekly date night at home. This takes a lot of planning in advance since Sam has a very irregular schedule and we will need to find babysitters but I am really excited about prioritizing time alone and exploring our city without kiddos. Hopefully we can incorporate more day-dates into this plan since I love them so much (dare I say I love them even more than date-nights!?)