Momo In The 6



I AM A sucker for a good pasta dish. One of my favourite pasta dishes is bolognese, the thick meaty sauce that sticks to the noodles and is perfect for dipping baguette in after you're done, can it be beat?! I looked through all my Italian cookbooks and found no recipes for pasta bolognese and all the good recipes I found online called for letting it cook for like 3 hours, which is time I did not have, so I decided to make one up for an evening in with my mom. (she also loves bolognese, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!). Some bolognese need to cook for hours to get a delicious flavour but I found that one hour sufficed to get bold and delicious flavours in this dish. This pasta is arguably even more delicious as leftovers the next day and is a great way to sneak some veg into your kids, Finny loved it!