Momo In The 6



IMG_1157 I CAN'T BELIEVE how fast each month goes now! I feel like I was just writing his 15 month old post yesterday. He is a walking and talking machine and I love to see how his little personality comes out more and more each day.

He has about 35 words now which makes my life so much easier since it is so easy to communicate what he wants and is interested in. He likes to be silly and say "Nooooo" especially while reading "Where's Spot?" (How you open the flap and say, "is he in the cupboard", "nooo!"). He has also taken to making animal noises which is so fun. Currently he does noises for cows, sheep, dogs and ducks.

There was a rough week this month where he got four molars at once. There were lots of tears (from he and I), messy diaper situations, eating frozen fruit and taking teething tablets and Tempra. Thankfully it was short lived and now he can chew food even easier! It also makes him look so grown up to have 12 teeth, practically a full mouthful!


We had our friends in town for almost a week with their two and a half year old daughter, Cotton, and I swear this made Finn advance way faster. For the first time ever we watched him actually play with another child, not just do his own thing simultaneously beside them. He loved to play in his kitchen with her and get in and out of the Perrier box and his Bumbo. He has also taken to "helping" sweep the kitchen while I vacuum and mop at the end of the day. I'm not sure how helpful it always is, but it sure is cute!



He is really starting to really take to certain people.When our friends were in town Finny would walk around saying "Han-nah!" and "Otton" (For their daughter Cotton). They left four days ago and at least twice a day he looks at me with sad eyes and says "Han-nah!" with his hands raised like "where is she?!" and looks all sad. He also has taken to his Grandpa Bob. He walks around the house going "Bob! Bob!" and pointing to Bob's picture on our fridge. Every time I Face time a friend or we go somewhere in the car he always assumes were calling or going to see Bob. It is very, very sweet.

His current favourite books are Tap The Magic Tree, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and One Thousand Things (all of which I highly recommend!) One Thousand Things in particular is a beautiful book, originally written in French that teaches kids their first words and first things they should learn.

I can't believe in the next month we will be having another baby and Finny won't be our only one. I am savouring and treasuring all of these last moments alone with my boy!