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I HOPE YOU all have had a wonderful week! It's been a productive one in our home with packing hospital bags, changing our crib to a bassinet, packing Finny an overnight bag, and my neurotic nesting and organizing our home. I have also been trying to savour my last weeks with Finny so we have had numerous dates to coffee shops and walks to the park. I sure do love that little boy of mine!IMG_1159 Here are a few links to things I am loving lately.

Do you use Apple Music? If so, go listen to their Apple Editor's "Make You Feel My Love" playlist. It has everything from Adele to Elton John with a little Savage Garden thrown in there and I am loving it.

My new favourite photo editing app is A Color Story. I love how easily it edits my photos without me spending more time than necessary (or possible, with a 16 month old needing my love and attention!) on my phone. This article was particularly helpful for tips on photographing interiors and what filters are best for it.

This was one of the most encouraging and honest things I have read since becoming a mother. Go. Read it. Right now. If you're a crier like me then grab some tissues. When Mothering is Hard and No One Sees.

I am a big leftover fruit freezer person. We always buy three bunches of bananas so when they get really ripe we can freeze them and use them in smoothies. However, I had never thought to blend up and freeze my leftover greens that are about to turn on me but this trick has been a game changer. She suggests using spinach but I have definitely blitzed up Kale and other greens as well and they work great! (Just don't try a smoothie with arugula, it's too bitter... I learned the hard way ha!)

This Asian Pear Tart with Burnt Caramel looks unreal. Asian-pear-tart1

On another food note this pasta will be made this week. Anything with lots of garlic is a win in my books, but add roasted cauliflower and you have me singing. (I am however biased towards flat leaf parsley so I would sub that in instead of the curly leaf)