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Tips to Nourish Your New Mama Self by The Wellness Stylist

You did it, you just gave birth to a precious little baby!  Let’s just take a minute and revel in the all the amazingness your body just accomplished.  Amidst the glowing joys of pregnancy you probably endured a few (or many!) pregnancy symptoms, but those days are behind you and now, here you are, holding your sweet little babe! So much pure joy. So much excitement to take your new little one home and start your life together.

There was such a sweet small window of time right after I gave birth to my son Owen that, despite the sleepless nights and intense healing my body was going through, I often long to relive those first weeks of his life.

So if there’s just one thing I could tell new mamas, it’s to not take that short season for granted.  It’s so precious.  There’s really nothing else quite like it.

I found it does, however, take some careful planning and protecting of that precious time to really enjoy it well.  And as a Wellness Stylist for pregnant and new mamas, I’m all about making sure their bodies (physically, mentally, and spiritually) are as nourished as can be!

So here it is, four ways to enjoy your first weeks home to nourish your new-mama-self.

Nourish your belly.

When I think of the word “nourish” I think of delicious plant-based meals chalked full of healing, calming, and nutrient rich whole foods.  Make every meal count toward nourishing and restoring your body.  The best way to do that is to avoid any processed foods and meals full of gluten, dairy, and sugar.  These freezer-friendly meals from Oh She Glows, kept my freezer (and tummy!) full for the first few weeks. Also having some ready to go snacks on hand is essential.  I would get so hungry in the middle of the night after breast-feeding, I kept a bag of dried apple chips by my bedside! Check out my list of top hungry mama snacks.


Rest your body.

You’ve probably heard this age-old advice before, “sleep when the baby sleeps.” But really, sleep when the baby sleeps! If nothing else, rest and curl up with an enjoyable book (I’m currently loving Bringing Up Bébé. What they say is true, there’s time for the laundry, cleaning, and whatever else is on your mind, later. I tried to do some of this too soon and I regret not just enjoying this new time at home.

    •    Having as much uninterrupted time as you can with just you and your baby (and your hubby) is one of the best things you can do. This can also mean keeping visitors to a minimum. I know this can be a hard thing to do, but most people will understand you need some time to rest & recover and will respect the space you need until you’re ready to have visitors. I was surprised at just how exhausted I could feel after only a twenty-minute visit!
    •    With this rest time comes enjoying “lying-in” or lying skin-to-skin in bed with your baby, feeding and resting. I’m pretty sure I spent the first six weeks mostly naked in bed (I’m only almost exaggerating)! Most of the time I would nurse Owen in bed, have a nap while he napped, and just soaked in all that skin on skin goodness. Those moments were total bliss. If you have the support you need around you to be able to do this, I would “lie in” as much as you can.


Pamper your Body.

Take a little time for you whenever you can. Rest, take a sitz bath, and make sure to stock up on pampering essentials that probably didn’t make it on your public registry list, like:

Love your body.

Although it may seem like the thing to do, this is not the time to focus on getting that “pre-pregnancy body back.”  There’s plenty of time to get back in shape and workout later (and when you’re ready to, I’ll be here to help you!) but in the mean time, rest both physically and mentally in all that your body has just accomplished.  Enjoy what your body just did as opposed to rushing to fit into your old jeans.  Let your expectations go and remember that there is plenty of time for that later. (Also remember, that staying healthy is 80% food, 10% genetics and only 10% exercise!)

Most of all relax and enjoy all the love that this time holds with you and your new little family.  Take mental snapshots to remember forever.  During those first few weeks when my body was weak and I couldn’t do a lot, I’ll never forget how precious it was just holding my husband’s hand and adoring all that we had just experienced.  Soak in these moments, stare at your little one, and nourish your mind and body as you rest, heal, and enjoy new mamahood.


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