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I HAD MY first half a day alone with both boys on the weekend and it was quite the adventure. Sam went to go watch a baseball game with his dad and everyone else was out. I was up for the challenge considering the first day Sam goes back to work he is gone for a full 24 hours, so this was good practice in a small dose for that.

Oh my goodness. It isn't easy!

For starters, for some reason my sweet Atticus - who normally sleeps most of the day - seemed to know I was doing it on my own and decided to nap strike until 20 minutes before everyone got home. I tried wearing him in the wrap then transferring him once he was good and asleep... He woke up within 2 minutes. I tried nursing him down and letting him nap on his tummy in the living room, something he seems to like now that he can control his head... tears within 5 minutes. The longest stretch he gave me was 20 minutes in his Boppy Newborn Lounger (I highly recommend this for babies, both my boys have loved it!) This nap fighting pattern continued on for most of the day.

Finny woke up a little bit cranky and we had a tough start to our time together, but a smoothie and some grapes later and we were all feeling much better.

Now, this post isn't meant to be a whining post about how hard life with two kids is. I am ready for the challenge. I wanted to write this down so that I could remember this moment... So that I could remember that while Ace was crying, Finny brought him some lego to cheer him up, which is a big deal since sharing isn't an easy thing for any 18 month old. And how in the 20 minutes where Ace snoozed, Finny and I got to have some really special time playing around in the his Baby Moov tent (similar here). He would say "in!" and want me to lie down inside the tent and put my face against the mesh. He stood on the outside of the tent and gave me kisses over and over through the mesh and then would peek in the other side of the tent and say "peek-boo!". This game lasted the full twenty minutes... the boy sure loves to smooch! I wonder who he gets that from ;-)

Before the nap where Ace fell asleep before everyone got home he was crying really hard (he is having lots of gas and constipation issues, we think due to dairy... more on that later). But Finny came over and helped to "pat-pat" (burp) Ace and then brought his "I'm a Big Brother" book over to read again and again to a total of 9 times. He would say "baby!" "Ace-y!" on each page and blow a kiss to Ace and would point to the big brother on the pages and say "Finny!".

There were moments where I wanted to cry because I felt overwhelmed and moments where I wanted to cry because my heart was so full of love it felt like it might explode. It wasn't an easy day but I know it will get easier. And in those moments where you want to cry and your little boy walks over to you and says "cuddle!", climbs into your lap, wraps his little chubby arms around your neck and gives you a big kiss, you know you're doing something right and there is no where else I would rather be.