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SINCE WE FOUND out that Finn had a milk protein allergy we made huge adjustments to how much dairy any of us consume. Even now that Finn is no longer breastfeeding and can eat some dairy (butter and cheese) he still is sensitive to cow's milk. Once we realized that cow's milk was an issue for him I began to try different alternative milks and discovered that we all really enjoy almond milk. The problem though is that we go through so much of it and at two $4-5/2L a week we were starting to go through a lot. So I began to play around with different recipes and portions and I came up with a winning solution that ends up being cheaper than purchasing cows milk or store bought almond milk.

I ordered this bag of almonds and at $19 for 8 cups of almonds this will make three litres of almond milk a week for a cost of roughly $2.30. You can't beat it - we use it for everything from smoothies to cereal to baking to a substitute for milk in any recipe really. If you are looking for a blender and have a hard time shelling out $700 for a Vitamix , we have been SO happy with our Blendtec, I really can't say enough about it. Plus, it's blades aren't sharp to the touch which is extra comforting to know when Finn wants to help make his daily smoothie, I can let him help put the ingredients into the blender without worrying.