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 I had my first baby at 20. Then another at 22. Another at 24, then another at 32. Sadly, miscarried one, then another a year later.

 Do I have your attention now?

 I know what it’s like to be in the trenches of motherhood … and … at times … it’s crying hard. Being a mother is kind-of-a-big-on-going-lesson-in-unselfishness.

 My son and his wife just had their fourth child; all in 6 years. I asked him the other day, “how’s it going son?” He said, “as long as we keep our expectations low, it goes well”.

 Good advice.

 I did the same.

 I’m sure you’ve noticed; when a new baby arrives in your home, everything changes.

 Nothing is … business as usual.  

 You seldom drink hot coffee, rarely eat a warm meal and occasionally sleep a night through.

 Allow me to encourage you today … keep your expectations low. Meaning, when your children are up – be “all in”. A little person depends fully on you; for everything, but only for a time.

 Leave your nails for now and cuddle your baby. Sing a lullaby and leave Instagram. Sit on the floor, turn your phone over, put it on silent and read a story.

 Keep your expectations low.

 Be “all in”.

 God gave you the privilege of being a Mom.

 Their Mom.

 No one else will ever assume that title.

 It’s yours for keeps. You are their “Mom”. Forever.

 You actually partnered with God in the creation of this priceless human being. Together, you formed an eternal soul. God believed you would be the best mother for your child, consequently He picked you.

 Your baby is not here by accident. There are no surprises with God. He knew he/she would be born at this particular time. Your role in your child’s life is paramount; they need you “all in” for their purpose to be fulfilled.

 God will help you moment-by-moment and day-by-day if you ask Him.

 He did for me. Decade after decade.

 Talk to Him.

 What you do today, will be tomorrow’s memories.

 Mother well.

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