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TWO WEEKS AGO my doctor gave me the clearance for physical activity and that was music to my ears as I have been itching to workout and move my body. Growing and delivering a baby is no joke. It's exhausting, it stretches you (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) in ways you didn't know were possible. Once my doctor gave me the "go ahead" this time around I knew I wanted to jump back into working out and toning up. As I mentioned in this post, I work out regularly when I am pregnant and I make sure to eat really good food that will nourish me and the baby (with a few treats along the way). So after having worked out till the day before he was born, I waited until Finn was three months old to really start working out again, and as much as I enjoyed my time resting I felt pretty "blah" for those three months. Endorphins are no joke people!

So this time, at five weeks postpartum, after having worn my favourite gift to myself postpartum - I swear it made my tummy flat again within a week! - I got the clearance and decided that I would start working out right away. I feel so much better when I am moving. Yes, it is exhausting and I would much rather use the boys nap time to nap myself or get things done around the house but I am a better mother when I have taken time do something just for me. It feels good to move. It feels good to throw on some great music and push your body to it's limits. Even the burn in your muscles feels good to remind you that you are working hard and toning up. A friend of mine once said that the pain is simply "your fat screaming as it dies" haha!
I have found after having both my babies that the number on the scale means way less to me than how my body looks and feels. With both of my boys I shed the excess weight quickly, by eating really well, drinking tons of water, wearing this and nursing the boys. I don't know if anyone else had this (and sorry if it's TMI) but I found I was so sweaty, particularly at night, I would wake up soaked in sweat! But to give you an idea of how how my body fluctuates in weight with pregnancy: I gained around 35lbs with both pregnancies and within a week of both deliveries I had dropped to about 3-7lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight and stayed there for the first few months until my milk regulated itself.

That said I know that every woman's body is different and reacts differently to pregnancy and fitness. I am just sharing my own fitness and health journey in the hopes that it might encourage other women to embrace their bodies and challenge themselves physically and to keep myself accountable to my own goals.

My current physical goals are to tighten and tone, feel strong, and eat well. My current fitness goals are: Finish BBG Pre-training, do BBG 1.0 & 2.0, walk 10km/week. At the end of the first twelve weeks I would love to be able to do the BBG workout without stopping during the circuit and to only take the 30 second break rather than the three minute break I always end up taking haha.

If you don't feel like going to a fitness store to buy your equipment I bought all of my equipment off Amazon, because with babies at home, delivery to your door just can't be beat! I bought these 8lb hand weights, this medicine ball, this exercise mat, and this skipping rope.

As my boys grow up and get more and more active I always want to be able to keep up with them, I want to model what a strong, healthy woman is for my boys, and I want to feel comfortable with my body and in my own skin.

Let's talk: What are your postpartum fitness goals? How did you find bouncing back post-pregnancy? Any tips that you found helpful?