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OH MONTREAL, YOU feel like home. This past weekend we loaded the kids into the car and headed to Montreal for the weekend for a friends wedding. It was a whirlwind of a weekend and we jam packed it full of friends and family to make sure we made the most of it! Sorry for the long post, but you'd be surprised how much we fit into the weekend!


We arrived Friday evening and first thing Saturday morning we were out the door bounding to The Plateau to go meet up with my best friend Emily (who writes over at Our Nest in the City) and her three kiddos. We met for coffees, breakfast sandwiches and doughnut balls at Larry's before heading to the park to let the kids roam free. Since Sam was there to hang with the kids and Atticus was sleeping in the stroller, I had the opportunity for an *almost* uninterrupted conversation, catching up with Emmy - practically unheard of with five kids around!

We spent probably an hour sitting on the park bench, sipping coffees and talking. She is one of my favourite people for a million reasons but one of the biggest ones is that all our biggest passions are mutual. Jesus, family, theology, passion for food, writing, style, coffee... All shared. And because of this our conversations are so fun, one minute we can be laughing hysterically over something ridiculous, the next we'll be talking food and new recipes, and the next we will be digging deep and challenging each other or crying with each other over a trial in our lives. It is so refreshing to be able to be so real with someone.


Saturday evening we ventured out to the West Island to meet up with our friends Dwight and Jess to hang with their fam and meet their FOURTH little baby, Stella. It was so nice to catch up and eat bbq pizza and relax. Jess and I also managed to steal some time to catch up on life, family, ministry at their church, Church 21, and relax together which was so wonderful, not to mention getting to snuggle a sweet little two month old who has all the same rolls that Finny did!

Sunday morning our little family stopped by Dispatch coffee for pour overs, a babyccino and some avocado toast. Stealing away just the four of us doesn't happen too often so this was a real treat! We sat on the patio in the sun and took an hour to just be together and catch up.


Sam went to get ready with the groom and I took the boys to Église du Plateau-Mont-Royal, the church that Emily and her husband, Brad, have planted in The Plateau. Although my French is far from perfect (I probably understood about 60-70%), it was so refreshing and encouraging to worship Jesus with people in another language, and to see what God is doing through their ministry in Montreal, I loved every minute of my time there. After the service we popped over to St. Viateur Bagels to stock up and grab bagels for lunch on our way home and when I got to my car I realized that not only did I leave my window open, but I had left the lights on and killed my car battery. Two kids, without my husband, on a hot day, at nap time, with a dead car battery. I was on the verge of tears. Thankfully I found someone to help who called a volunteer service that comes and jumps your car for free. When that white SUV pulled up and four men jumped out with their car battery jump box I nearly cried... They looked my knights in shining armor pulling up!

Sunday evening was the wedding of our dear friends Salva and Aaron. I cannot begin to tell you how fantastic this wedding was. It was at Entrepots Dominion by the Atwater Market, the ceremony took place outdoors with the perfect city backdrop for their pictures. The service was so beautiful and overflowed with love. The cocktail hour was incredible - the signature cocktails were a gin and ginger beer with apple slices, mango mojitos, and an old fashioned. There was the biggest table of cheese I have ever seen. There were mini burgers, tuna tartare, saffron and shittake mushroom risotto being passed by you every two minutes.


The reception was stunning, set in an old warehouse there were balls of light everywhere, incredible flower arrangements (the bride and groom are passionate botanists!), the menu cards had the guests name and a personalized note written to each person. Don't get me started on the band! The St. Royals from Toronto came and played and, even though this gal typically goes to bed at 9:30, Sam was literally dragging me off the dance floor at 1am to get home to relieve our childcare. What can I say, I love to boogie ;-).  I love weddings, I love the reminder of the commitment Sam and I made to each other, I love meeting new people and learning about the passions and interests of people different from me. I love food and drinks. I love music and dancing. And I love getting a night alone with my man. If I could go to a wedding every weekend (and not be broke, ha!) I would.

Shameless bathroom selfie ;-)

Shameless bathroom selfie ;-)

Thankfully the boys decided to let their "dance until the wee hours of the morn" parents sleep in until 8am, which was desperately needed. Then, en route to the cottage in Vermont we made a quick breakfast pit stop in at our bffs Hannah and Oliver's house. Not only is spending time with Hannah and Oliver one of our favourite things, but Finn and their daughter Cotton have such a special bond so it's always great fun to get the two of them together. And their son Quinn was born on the same day as Atticus, only three hours before, so naturally, they had lots to catch up on :-)

Montreal is such a special place to us. I have been feeling quite nostalgic lately about that beautiful city... the place we learned to be married, where we found out we were expecting, where we had our first child. We went through many monumental things and had many joys and many hardships while we were there. It will always remain one of my favourite places and I love that its just a five hour drive down the 401. À bientôt, Montréal!

For those who have asked, you can find the dress I wore to the wedding HERE.