Momo In The 6


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THIS WEEKEND WE decided to make a quick impromptu trip out of town to maximize Sam's week off of work. My Aunt and Uncle let us use their family cottage on the Kawartha Lakes and it was incredible. Oh to wake up to the sun streaming into the bedroom through the double doors and seeing the lake when you first open your eyes... there is nothing quite like it!

Sam and I laugh about the fact that neither of us are particularly "outdoorsy" people. We love life in the city and neither of us are too big on getting our hands dirty. Going camping isn't something we are dying to do but I'm sure we will do it to give our kids that experience. Cottage life however is a whole other ballgame. You get the perks of being outside and in nature while still having a big comfortable bed to sleep in and a kitchen to make nice meals in.

Finny loved being at the cottage, he would get outside and start "running" and laughing while shouting "Un! Un!" (run). He picked dandelions to collect in his pocket. He loved being able to see the water and the ducks swimming in the lake. He and Sam sat on the hammock right when we got there and they rolled in it and fell off... I'm pretty sure he is traumatized by hammocks now! When we would sit on it he would go "hammock... no!" and walk in the opposite direction. That kid is such a riot!

Since both our boys are down by 6:30pm, Sam and I got lots of alone time too which was wonderful. We spent the evenings on the hammock, eating ice cream and watching the sunset. It was such a dreamy escape and the perfect way to start Sam's week off.