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OUR SWEET LITTLE Atticus is three months today. I can't believe how fast this time has gone. He is such a wonderful little boy and I cannot imagine our family without him. He is weighing in at about 14 pounds, much longer and leaner than his brother was. He has the kindest eyes that light up when he smiles. He sleeps a lot (thank you, sweet boy!) napping about 6 hours a day and two weeks ago he started sleeping through the night! Needless to say, I am feeling like a new woman!

He is looking more and more like his daddy everyday! He is great at tummy time, loves spending time in his "office" swatting at his goose, he loves to watch his brother and spends his time tracking everything Finny does. He recognizes mummy and daddy's voices and looks to see where we are. He likes to sing along when I sing to him. He cries when he has to go into the bath tub but then loves bath time with dada and cries when he has to come out.

He loves reading his Andy Warhol's Colors book and Art for Baby (we leave them open for him and he stares at them. He loves to go for walks with us outside and is great in the car!

He holds his head really well and is getting better everyday at sitting! He even rolled from his tummy to his back once! He has quite the voice and has no issues expressing both when he is happy and when he is not. He loves to eat and he loves to chat with his mama while he eats, pulling off to smile and coo at me while I nurse him.

What an incredible and special boy you are Atticus. You are such a gift. You are so loved.