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HERE I AM sitting at the desk in our living room reflecting on the last five weeks. What a special time this has been for our family. Sam took five weeks of paternity leave and we welcomed our sweet Atticus on what should have been his last day of work (perfect timing if you ask me!). We survived those hazy first two weeks that are full of sheer joy, exhaustion, coffee and take-out/meals from friends and coffee... did I say that already? ;)  We had family and friends come to meet little Ace and bring meals and gifts. My mom came almost everyday in the first two weeks to be an extra set of hands - making meals, cleaning, folding laundry, playing with Finn, holding Ace when I needed to nap.

Sam went and got treats from Bonjour Brioche and coffee from Boxcar Social for our first morning home.

Sam went and got treats from Bonjour Brioche and coffee from Boxcar Social for our first morning home.

We spent our days resting. Sam would wake up and do the morning shift with Finny while Ace and I slept in. He would take Finny swimming at the local pool almost everyday. We went for walks, had brunch, drank lots of coffee, introduced Atticus to a number of our family and friends. We spent lots of time at the park, went to the Aquarium, got away to a friends cottage for a weekend, we went on a brewery tour in Collingwood.

We spent a glorious week in Florida at Sam's parents place there (more on that later). I got in a fight with a blender and ended up in an American hospital getting three stitches on my hand. Sam finally had the time to use the one month unlimited cross fit membership I bought him last Father's day. We had dinners and brunches with friends. We made many Snapchat videos (@morganthrall). We laughed a lot, we binge watched the office through the many, many hours of nursing, we watched movies. We started having family dinners with Finny a few times a week rather than just eating after he goes to bed. We had great conversations about life and the things we hope and wish for for our family. We made plans. We adjusted, slowly but surely, to life with two kids. It was a really beautiful month with my three boys.

Sam's job is incredibly demanding and stressful and this is the first time we have had a significant amount of time off in the almost four years of our marriage so we reveled in the freedom that we felt to lay back and relax, even with two babies. It was so special to watch Sam and Finn together over these five weeks. They were always close, but what a bond they have now! Finn is obsessed with Sam and has grown up so much in last month - all that extra attention that Sam can give him that I can't always give (because, you know, we need to buy groceries and eat dinner and have a house that is *somewhat* clean). He is such a charming/interesting/funny kid and we really love his company (not just because we're his parents!). This time with Sam has been so good for our family, so good for our marriage, so good to unwind and re calibrate. We took time to assess what has worked in the past, what hasn't worked, how we can change things, how we can make sure we can be the best version of our family moving forward. It obviously won't be perfect but it's good to set goals and aspirations to work towards.

So here we are, back to reality. Back to the rhythms and routines of life as we have always known it but now with an extra babe in tow and very full hearts!