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I AM SO excited to write this post!! I've had so many questions in the months following my microblading with Blush Brow Bar so I thought I would share my experience of getting my eyebrows microbladed here for you all.

Microblading changed my beauty game and has simplified my mornings so much! Brows are such an important part of completing your makeup and really change the way your face looks. Waking up everyday with perfect brows for the last four months has been so incredible. I'm literally obsessed with the shape and colour that Stephanie and I chose together and I can't recommend her and Blush Brow Bar enough.


I'm just gonna throw this out there, that microblading is HANDS DOWN the BEST beauty investment I have ever made. The ultimate beauty life hack.

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Now to answer your questions:

What is Microblading? Microblading, also known as Eyebrow Embroidery is a procedure categorized under permanent makeup, but unlike traditional cosmetic tattooing, it is less invasive and is considered semi-permanent. The procedure is done by using a hand tool with ultra fine needles and each ‘hair’ is gently etched into the skin, giving an incredibly natural and realistic look. Microblading can dramatically correct or fully reconstruct lost eyebrow and is excellent for those wanting to enhance their brows or who have little to no eyebrows, thinning brows from age or over tweezed brows. Pigments used are chosen to match the natural or desired brow color and skin tone will also be taken into consideration.


Basically, microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that reshapes your eyebrows with hair like strokes. Stephanie at Blush Brow Bar is AMAZING and creates literally the perfect shape of what you're looking for, PLUS her colouring skills are incredible. I've literally never seen such a nice custom blonde colour.

Creating the shape of the brow.

Creating the shape of the brow.

How long does it take? It takes roughly 2.5-3 hours on your first visit. Mine took about 2.5 hours from start to finish. During this session, they will create a custom shape and styleand make sure your eyebrows are exactly what you want them to look like. Then they create a custom colour based on your preference, skin colour and tone. I can't say enough how beautiful the colour is that Stephanie chose for me! Often blondes end up with orangey looking brows, but Stephanies blonde colouring is a DREAM.  

Microblading. That little tool has brush like ends that create the hair strokes! So cool

Microblading. That little tool has brush like ends that create the hair strokes! So cool

Leaving the colour on to set!

Leaving the colour on to set!

Does it hurt? Everyone has a different pain threshold but they apply topical anesthetic throughout the procedure and I didn't find it painful! The first pass feels a little bit like scratching and then after that you don't feel anything at all!

How long does it take to heal? It takes between 7-14 days for the brows to fully heal and about 1 month for the colour to fully set in and settle to the colour they will stay. After 4-6 weeks you go in for a touch up to perfect the brows, add any hairs that you want to, refill any spots that didn't pick up pigmentation, adjust the colouring if you want, and allow your brows to fully set in.

How long does it last? Microblading usually lasts 1-3 years depending on your skin type (oily, normal, dry), age, and how you care for your skin.

Top picture: After healing from initial microblading. Bottom: After touch up

Top picture: After healing from initial microblading. Bottom: After touch up




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I love wearing make up, but I hate that within a couple hours it ends up everywhere except my face. I recently discovered LipSense, an 18 hour long wear lip colour and am totally obsessed. It actually stays in place, doesn’t bleed, won’t smear and when I kiss my kids or my hubs it stays on me and not on them.  Most women I know really want to wear lipstick, but don’t feel like the hassle is worth the 30 minutes of wear they get.  I love that I can offer a fantastic product that actually does what it says it will do, is good for your lips and helps women feel more beautiful and confident.


LipSense comes in over 36 different colors, is wax free, lead free, non gmo, gluten free and is not tested on animals.  It’s perfect for dance teams, cheerleading teams, salons, everyday wear and special occasions.  To order you can visit my Facebook Group or my website.  Feel free to email me at or message me on Instagram @lipsinthe6 with any questions you have, including help selecting colours that will compliment your skin tone and features!


If you have never used LipSense before you would begin with a LipSense Collection starter kit.  This kit comes with a lip colour of your choice, clear gloss and Ooops! Liquid Colour remover.  Additional lip colours and a wide variety of glosses can be purchased separately.


It’s quick and easy to apply in just a few easy steps.

1. Remove wand and wipe excess lip colour back into the tube | 2. Apply 1 thin coat of lip colour to each section of your lips in 1 smooth stroke, keeping your lips apart and spread tight | 3. Let dry for 5-10 seconds (matte colours may take a little extra drying time) | 4. Repeat the steps above, applying 2 more coats of lip colour letting dry in between | 5. Once dry, apply a generous coat of clear gloss.

At this point your LipSense will be set for the entire day.  It won’t smudge, bleed or transfer.  If you feel like your lips need a little hydration through the day simply apply a coat of clear gloss.  Our gloss is vitamin e and shea butter based and wax free.  It actually penetrates through the lip colour leaving your lips hydrated and soft.


Want to learn more about LipSense and our other products like ShadowSense, our waterproof, smudge proof and crease proof creme to powder eyeshadow?  Join my Facebook Group where I share make up tutorials, hair styling tips and exclusive discounts on everything from styling tools, clothes, shoes make up and more!  Click HERE to request access.

If you would like information on how you can get your LipSense for free and even make some side money, shoot me an email!  I’d love to help you get started!