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OKAY WE DID it. We dove head first into cloth diapering and I have to say, I LOVE them. We had cloth diapered Finn off and on with some Royal Fluff diapers that we owned already. But we didn't own enough to even diaper Finny consistently let alone diaper Atticus as well. So we bought a whole bunch of Apple Cheeks and have been cloth diapering them both for about four months now.

COST: The initial draw towards cloth diapers was definitely how cost effective they are. We spent around $400 to use disposable diapers for Atticus in the first five months of his life. Both our boys have reacted badly to Pampers and Huggies so we have to use natural and biodegradable diapers (We started with Naty Care which we love but switched to Seventh Generation since they work just as well and are a bit cheaper). But once I did the math I realized that for $700 I could cloth diaper both boys (and all future children). So it is a large investment up front but it will save us thousands of dollars by the time we are done having children.

ENVIRONMENT: It's no secret that cloth diapers are environmentally friendly which was definitely incentive to use them. We still use a disposable at night or when we are traveling but knowing that we aren't filling the landfills with more diapers makes this a really easy choice, only adding in three loads of laundry a week.

CUTE: Okay, let's be honest though. One of the biggest draws to cloth diapering is just how stinkin cute they are!! The bright colours and the little bubble butts! I can't even. Not to mention Finny loves to pick out the colours that Acey and he will wear so they can be matching! They spend most of the day just in their diapers together and Finny walks around saying "Look Mama! Finny and Acey have matching diapers!" and I can't handle how cute they are.

I KNOW... Most people's aversion to cloth diapers is the that they are gross. Well, yes, they are... BUT so is changing any diaper! As someone who has done both cloth and disposable I can say that I only marginally touch more poop now that I am cloth diapering. Using liners allows you to simply lift and drop the poop into the toilet, and if you don't want to incur the extra cost, I have found that simply inverting the diaper over the toilet 95% causes all the poop to fall into the toilet without having to touch it at all. The odd time I do have to scrape it into the toilet I use a wipe or toilet paper and it all goes down. I figure I always wash my hands after changing a diaper regardless of cloth or disposable so it makes very little difference to me.

One of the reasons we love Apple Cheeks Diapers (and no, this post isn't sponsored, I just really love them!) so much is because the liners agitate out in the wash, MEANING once you have disposed of any solids you just put the diaper in the bin until you wash it... no fiddling with liners or inserts! This was a selling point with Sam who hated having to pull inserts out and borderline refused to use cloth diapers before. It really feels as easy as using disposable diapers!

If you are interested in cloth diapering it is a GREAT week to buy them! Apple Cheeks are amazing and a great Canadian company (love shopping local!) and are available at WELL.CA which I love since they deliver right to your door for free!

I recommend buying 14 size one diapers (they go through them faster since they have many little pees) and 12 size two diapers. Don't be suckered into buying the starter kits, they come with a bunch of things you don't need and won't use... You are better to either buy the bundle (that comes with a bamboo three fold liner) or to buy the covers separately and then enough inserts and boosters to have one insert and one booster in each diaper. Definitely go for bamboo as terry just doesnt have the same absorption!

HOW TO: I use one bamboo two-ply, three fold insert plus a booster for each diaper. I fold the bamboo insert in three (like a letter for an envelope) and then fold the top of the folded insert down to make it extra absorbent (see photo). Then I just insert them into the diaper and voila! Cutest tushies in town!

Size two (left), Size one (right)

Size two (left), Size one (right)

Feel free to comment below or ask me any questions and I'll do my best to help!