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ONE OF THE main reasons I have this blog is to document all the little moments and memories from this special stage of life. I know that these young years with babies goes by so quickly (how is Finny almost two!?) and I want to remember as much of it as I can. Finny has been chatting up a storm lately and he is really quite funny and very bright, here are some of the things he says lately:


1. Every morning the first thing he says when you open his bedroom door is "oats!", the boy loves his oats and he loves to eat.

2. While we are eating breakfast I like to ask him how his sleep was and if he had any dreams. He says "Dream! Doggy! Bunny!" (his favourite is his bunny!) and then there is usually an activity like "Walk! Car! Swing!" that he did with them in his dreams.
3. When I am making coffee in the morning in our Chemex Coffeemaker, he always comes over and says "Up! Blooooooming!" and makes his arm do the wave to show how the grinds bloom, it is so funny!

4. Daily he will grab a protein powder scoop and a little plastic measuring cup and hands one to me and says "Tea! Drink!" and we sit and drink our tea together.

5. One of my favourite things he does and arguably the sweetest, is when we are praying with him before bed and thanking God he volunteers people and things that he is thankful for. "Cher! Water! Sandals!" (for his new saltwater sandals we got him ;) ) was the newest one from last week after we went to the wading pool with Aunt Cher. He also likes to pray during meals and sporadically throughout the day. He has such a sensitive spirit and remembers people that we often pray for, like the other day at lunch when he said "Pray!" and I asked him what he wanted to pray for or about and he said "Baby Jubi!" (Our cousins sweet baby who is in the NICU, you can read more about her here).

6. Now that he is able to run, he loves to race, and we spend many hours at home racing from the couch to the kitchen and back again and he loves to shout "Race!! Race!!"

7. The other day we were sitting having lunch together and the subject of cars came up. Our neighbour has a blue car and Finny decided he would like to drive one day... "Car! Blue! Raz! (neighbour) Finny! Green! Car!" Me: "Finny wants a green car?" Finny: "Yeah! Drive! Myself!" Me: Finny is going to drive the green car by himself!? Finny: "Yeah!" Me: One day! Finny: "Cooool. Awesome."

8. Finny has great timing and is quite funny, so when he does something he know was funny (Like when he sits on you and then goes "Tootah!!!!") he then goes "Finny! Funny!" and it makes it just that much more hilarious.


9. Lately he is loving spending quality time with each of us and if I'm in the kitchen and he's on the couch in the living room I will hear this little voice say "Mama! Come please!"... How could I refuse that?!

10. We were at a friends cottage for the Canada day long weekend and Finny got to watch a water plane land on the bay right in front of their cottage. Our friends dad named Tom, but Finny calls him "TomRocks" is the one who showed him it landing and Finny still recollects the story to us! "Airplane! Land! Water! TomRocks! Coooool." 

I am loving this stage, getting to have conversations with my little man and learn more about him and teaching him lots of new things. He is such a joy to be around.