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SEPTEMBER IS FINALLY here and I am THRILLED about it. It is without a doubt my favourite month. As someone who loves structure and routine I feel as though there is a change in the air! My birthday falls on the first of September (I am officially 27 now!), Finny's birthday is on the 30th of September, it means autumn is underway which means the best fashion, the best weather, root vegetables and apples + everywhere you look is so beautiful because the leaves change colour. We have this gorgeous giant Japanese maple tree outside the front of our house and it turns this incredible fiery red in the fall, I can't wait to show you! Truly, there really isn't anything about this month that I don't love.

Now that summer is over and baby Atticus is six months and we are all sleeping and feel like our normal selves again, I am looking forward to writing a lot more regularly on here. This blog gives me a lot of joy and a lot of life and I am so grateful to all of you who follow along with our daily happenings in the city. As I plan out the next month or so I wondered what you guys want to read more of: family, marriage, recipes, city adventures, travel, cloth diapering, fashion, beauty, etc? Let me know and I can definitely start to include more of those things in the regular posting schedule!

Happy September friends!