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Why to think regionally when it comes to pairing food and wine. Now that I am not pregnant, I may just give this a go!

If you need a laugh, you need to watch Jimmy Fallon and Melissa McCarthy's lip sync battle.

An interesting read on how the porn industry is impacting this generation of boys. What a calling it is to raise boys to be men who respect women. "Porn is full of ideals and beliefs that are completely opposite of what real relationships, real sex, and real love are like. Healthy relationships are built on equality, honesty, respect, and love. But in porn, it’s the reverse; interactions are based on domination, disrespect, abuse, violence, and detachment"

The best recipes for every type of brownie you may be looking for, from classic to fudgy to barely legal . Yes please!

A really beautiful video that my sister helped create.

A helpful countdown checklist to help you have a stress free vacation.

Three ways to prep your garden for Spring!

I love to grow my own herbs in the summers. There's nothing quite like growing your own mint or basil and finding new ways to use them throughout the season! Here's a great article on how to grow herbs indoors.