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ONE OF THE things you may or may not know about me is that as much as possible I like to be on time. Having kids has definitely made that a challenge for me, which is frustrating at times, but as much as it depends on me I try to be punctual, if not early, for things. Before kids I loved wearing a watch but then once I was lugging babies around the extra weight and clunk of heavy metal watches was annoying and I stopped wearing them. Until now that is. I love how light this watch is, you hardly feel it on your wrist and because of its unique look it definitely attracts attention!

As far as Christmas gifts go, watches make excellent holiday gifts since they are practical, timeless (see what I did there ;) ), and never go out of style. You can pair this one with other accessories or on it's own and it is a show stopper. They also feature some really beautiful men's watches which may help me cross off a number of items on my Christmas shopping list!

I went with the Zebrawood and Champage watch as I was drawn to the lighter wood and lighter colour of the face which you can see HERE or click HERE to browse the other women's watch styles!

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