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Hello! I’m Hannah, a wifey to Oliver and a mama of two littles. Our girl Cotton is 2.5 years and our boy Quinn is a wee 6 weeks!

I don’t really feel I have advice to give but rather a matter of sharing snippets of my experiences thus far in a hope they might become helpful in someway, somewhere to a mama in a similar situation to mine. To reiterate all the mothers before me - no two babes and no two family setups are the same!. It really is about discovering your motherhood groove within your own existing family culture. What makes you and your family the most fulfilled.

I don’t think there is a better stroller over the other or a better way to carry your baby over another its whatever works best for your surrounding and what feels best on your body. My husband and I picked a Bugaboo ‘All Black’ Chameleon3 stroller because it was….’All Black’. Many who know us, know that all black everything is a common dress code for us so naturally, it was more about aesthetics although we also wouldn’t have thought that 2.5 years on, some kind of kinetically related piece between the handle bar and the wheels would get sticky and become temperamental when folding up and down! ;)

Had Morgan asked me to contribute to this topic on her blog after my first born it probably would've played out a lot different to my new life with two (obviously).  When Cotton was born I had all the time in the world to do all the skin on skin, all the napping when she napped (although i am the worst napper and i actually don't think I ever did this) and all the focused playtime and it definitely is the best so do it if you can!

I breastfed Cotton for 22 months - never on a schedule and she slept through the night by 6 weeks old. The second night of her life at home I remember freaking out that she had gone past 5 hours before waking for milk. After that feed, I set an alarm for 4 hours later (assuming she would probably just wake up before anyways) and among the newborn haze and sleep deprivation, I never ended up hearing that alarm and so she went passed another 5 hours. I remember feeling like I had failed to keep this teeny tiny two day old offspring of mine well nourished within the 4 hour time frame the books tell you newborns should eat within. Then a very nice nurse told me that having them sleep through the night is what we want, right?? Obviously it is wise to assure they are getting enough milk and are growing well but like my grandmother always says ‘never wake a sleeping babe’. The lack of schedule seemed to work for us. Cotton became very adaptable being on the go and whilst we try to run our own handmade soaps and lifestyle products business, Carriage 44 from home.

….Then came Quinn and suddenly my time as a mum got cut in half between a completely dependable newborn and a toddler working nineteen to the dozen on her imaginative play with still a lot of physical needs to be fulfilled. I am not a first born but I’m realizing that it isn't easy for them when all they had was your undivided attention whilst on the contrary there is that sweet newborn smelling little life who you just want to gaze on all day er’ day. So all that said about the lack of schedule with Cotton, is perhaps proving necessary with Quinn…for everyone. This week as I try to lightly be consistent with crib naps after one hour of awake time, I’m noticing that not only is Quinn getting some solid sleep in but Cotton’s transition as a big sister is becoming more understanding. She knows that if I spend this one hour nursing, changing, rocking Quinn gently to sleep - she gets my undivided attention for the approximately 2 hours after. She has become more independent when I’m tending to Quinn as well as very helpful with diaper changes :). I also foresee this little sense of routine becoming necessary for the following reason…

Oliver and I live in the middle of both our families. This middle is an almost 3000 mile plane ride in both directions - my family being in the UK and Oliver’s in Victoria, BC. Needless to say, we miss them A LOT and although we are happy with what we are establishing here in Montreal, there’s no people you can rely on more than your own family (or no people you can ask of anything no matter what than your own family.) We are realizing more and more each day that when you become parents, being so far removed from family is tough. That said, I wouldn’t change this part of our journey for the world and there are incredible friends in our lives that have become like family and for them we are very grateful of too. Time with our families that we see every few months is precious so having them around in the first few days or weeks once our babies were born was especially precious as well as extremely helpful!

So that's us! …In a very round up way :).