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Hi! My name is Jessica Bernier. I live in Montreal with my husband and our three kids, Nehemiah (6), Malachi (4), and Sadie (3). And we have a fourth on the way (I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant). I was excited when Morgan asked me to write for the “Advice for New Mom’s Series”. I love having a reason to sit down and write. (Because, let’s be honest, otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting down to write this at all. Which is clearly the reason my blog hasn’t been updated in over a year and half!) I’ve known Morgan for quite a few years, back before she was married and when I had only one child crawling around. (Love ya Morgs!)

Okay, so I’m here with some encouragement for all new {or been-at-it-awhile} moms … YOU GOT THIS! I know, I know, you probably hear this a lot. Ya know, when a passerby doesn’t know what to say so just throws a “You got this!” to you.  Or, when someone is quickly walking past as you try to hold open a door to get a double stroller through and your oldest is running too close to the street. (Oh no, by all means, don’t help me, I am super mom, I can do all the things). “You got this!” they say. Ahem, thank-you-very-much.

But let’s forget about those words said in passing, and let’s hear them instead from the One who speaks only truth. “You got this!” from the Voice of Jesus. Did you know that if you are a mom, new or seasoned, you were CALLED to be a mom? Did you know that Jesus choose you to be the mom of your little one(s)? You were called, chosen, to be the mom of your baby. Whoa! Don’t focus on the weight of this today, but let me encourage you with the reminder that this high calling is an amazing one!

You are not “just a mom”.

You are a teacher (of everyday things and big things).

You are a comforter (of falls and of hearts).

You are a visionary (of imaginary worlds and of life dreams).

You are their friend (when they want you to be and sometimes not).

You are a mom; this is what you are called to.


Sometimes moving from the knowledge of “You got this!” to believing it takes time. New moms: as you and your baby adjust to the newness that is surrounding you left and right, give yourself time! A few of the changes I found after having a baby were: date nights, time spent with my other children, lack of sleep, and body/stomach muscles. Date nights—my husband and I used to have a date night once a week (dreamy, I know). With a newborn, it was harder to find a babysitter. And once we found a superhero babysitter willing to watch our newborn PLUS our other wild ones, it’s just different. From lack of sleep, to feeling the need to nurse, to thinking about your baby constantly … it’s all change! Time spent with other children—my husband is stellar at spending extra time with our other kids after a new baby comes home, but it is a change for me and for them. An okay change … but, it’s change nonetheless.  Lack of sleep—change! No more explanation needed here. Body/stomach muscles—I don’t think I need to write much about this because I know you are so picking-up-what-i’m-putting-down. I had diastasis recti (when your abs that were separated during pregnancy stay separated) for two years after my daughter was born. It took a long time for them to heal. It was hard and annoying. Change.

 Change is bound to happen. Adjusting to change takes time.

But, take a deep breath.

You got this!” - from the One who speaks only truth!