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YOU MAY REMEMBER this post I shared a couple months ago about postpartum fitness and my goals. After having finished BBG pre-training and now on my eighth week of BBG 1.0 I thought I would share my progress and thoughts on the program.   ALSO, I'm totally fangirling today since Kayla Itsines herself featured my progress on her page! #icanthandleit

By eight weeks into BBG 1.0 I have already met most of my goals. I feel stronger, as a family we are eating better and I have toned up quite a bit already. I still have to take breaks during the circuits but I have been able to stick to roughly 30 second long breaks in between circuits... progress people! It's happening! I have stuck to doing the workouts, 3x/week and have been walking at least 10km a week + one 7km run as a family once a week.

I have tightened and toned, but I find that can change based on the week. I don't know if that is hormones, or water weight, or just getting older, but one week my stomach will feel toned and tight and the next it feels much looser and flabby. Thankfully Kayla incorporates at least one core workout into every week so I always have the opportunity to work at it.

Something that has been so helpful for me this time around doing BBG is having an accountability group. I have a group chat on iMessage on my phone with three other girls and we send each other our sweaty selfies post workout. I wasn't sure when we started whether I would like it but I have found it to be so helpful... There are few things that will get my butt in gear faster on a day when I don't feel like working out and then I see all the other girls (who are also moms) getting it done!

A few weeks into BBG, in an effort to make healthier eating choices, I started tracking my macros. You can learn more about that here and here. It is a bit of work initially to calculate your daily percentages and to learn what foods have what amounts of protein/fat/carbs but I have had amazing success with it so far. I found it so helpful to have a protein shake during the day to up my protein intake without upping my fat intake. I have also hated protein powders but I recently discovered Canadian Protein's "Grass fed New Zealand Whey Isolate" in chocolate milkshake is unreal and I highly recommend it. I always used to count calories and I would end up feeling so hungry at the end of the day. When I began to track my macros I realized that 90% of my diet was carbs - be it veggies or things like crackers etc. But those things burn up so quickly in your body and then leave you feeling way more hungry. Now that I am more intentional about my protein and fat intake I am able to eat way more food in the day and feel full longer (so snacking less) and am feeling so much stronger. Not to mention I lost three pounds (!!) within 10 days of starting.

I am not usually one to post photos of myself in workout gear, but I love to see other people's progress photos, so I thought I would share some of mine. I have a ways to go, but I am really proud of the progress I have made so far.

From beginning of Pre-Training to four weeks into BBG 1.0

From beginning of Pre-Training to four weeks into BBG 1.0

One day postpartum to week 7 BBG 1.0

One day postpartum to week 7 BBG 1.0

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Let's talk: What workouts have worked best for you? How do you stick to your goals?