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FEBRUARY 3RD, 2007. What a special day. Today Sam and I celebrate 10 years of life together. Ten years ago today we were sitting in our friends driveway and he asked me to be his girlfriend. We were 17, just kids who had no idea what we were doing, but I knew even before I said "yes" that this was real. I knew I would love you, I hoped that love would turn into the life we have now. And I'm so thankful we have made it this far.


Love isn't just a feeling. Sure the feeling is there, I still get those mushy feelings when I think about him, or when he comes in from work and gives me a big kiss. But love, real, sustainable love, isn't based on a feeling. It's a choice. It's waking up everyday and saying, "I will love you today, and everyday for the rest of my life." For anyone who knows our story, you know that we fumbled our way through six long years of long distance dating, a stage of our lives that broke both of us in many ways. When you start dating at 17 you have so much growing up to do, so many hard lessons to learn. Those years taught us what it means to fight for each other, to fight for the love that we have. Some seasons it feels so easy and natural to love, other times you feel like you're learning to love someone new, someone different with different passions, interests and tendencies than who you fell in love with. I have loved many different sides of Sam, and am continuing to learn this man who I have spent the last ten years of my life with.


So here's to ten years down and, Lord willing, fifty more to go.

"So when I lose my way, find me. When I loose loves chains, bind me. At the end of all my faith, to the end of all my days. When I forget my name, remind me." (Dancing in the Minefields)


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TODAY MY SWEET babe is half a year old. *Insert sobbing emoji face*. But seriously, the past six months have literally flown by. I didn't manage to get a "Atticus five months" post done so consider this a recap on the past two months with our littlest boy.

Atticus is smiling left, right and center. He is SO expressive and his eyes go into these little half moons when he is smiling big. He coos and tries to mimic the sounds you make (so naturally I say "mama mama mama" to him all day long ;-) )  He gets so excited when Dada walks in the door, immediately smiling big and kicking his little legs in excitement! He also LOVES watching Finny and smiles and giggles at him all day long.

We have nicknamed him Grabicus because he is so fast and will have the glasses off of your face or a fist full of hair before you have a moment to stop him. He is rolling all the time and is so close to crawling.

Much to Finny's dismay he has started to take an interest in all of the toys, not just the "baby" toys, so we are learning a lot about sharing and taking turns these days.

He has started eating solids and is such a champ. He still nurses four times a day (every four hours) and is eating a small breakfast and then a big lunch and dinner. Meal time is one of my favourite times of day since both boys are at the table and we talk for about 30 minutes while we all eat, such a special time of getting to know both my boys even better.

He travels really well in the car and we have done multiple trips to cottages and to Montreal! He even got to go on his first boat ride a few weeks ago (which he cried and then fell asleep through haha)

Atticus is a MASTER SLEEPER. He is officially sleeping 13 hours at night + two 2 hour naps during the day. We are all feeling rested and mostly back to normal, and I am so excited to move him into the boys room soon!

Atti boy, we love you so very much. I am so proud of you and I love getting to know you better and better every day!


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I DON'T KNOW how we got here but we did. I have a son who is a year and a half old. I have always felt like 18 months is a pretty significant milestone, like 6 months or 1 year old. It's the last major milestone where I will describe it in months, since I am a mom who, once my kids are two I will describe age in years not months. I can't believe I have been a mom for 18 months now, I know it's a cliche but time goes by so so fast with littles.

Finn is walking and "running" everywhere now. He is a curious little boy who loves to read, colour and dance to music with his parents. I can't even count how many words he has now since, for the last month he has been a total sponge and a parrot, repeating everything we say. He loves reading and will sit on the couch numerous times a day for 30 minutes wanting to read books either with Sam or I or by himself. He has even started to memorize a few of them, saying the last word on each page (and even sometimes racing ahead of us to tell us what the first word on the next page is). He loves music, namely 80's jams and Adele. He has memorized the first four lines of Adele's "Hello" and sings along to it - it really is the sweetest thing! One of these days I will catch it on camera but he is too smart and knows when I'm filming and gets all shy. My favourite thing he says now is "love you". It sounds like "Aiiii dooo" and it is just so precious.

The biggest milestone for Finny is that he is now a big brother! He loves little Atticus (Ace) so much and loves to give him kisses and help burp him and says "Ace-y" and blows kisses when he is sad. Since Ace was born Finn has been very attached to Sam and gets a little jealous when he holds Atticus or when Sam and I hug and kiss in front of him. When we are hugging and he gets jealous, he usually just wants to be included and will come up in our arms and kiss each of us then grab our heads and push them together to kiss and then wants to have a group hug and group kiss. He is such an affectionate and sweet little boy. I am so proud of him and I can't imagine our lives without him.