Momo In The 6



Hey all you baby Mama’s or soon-to-be’s! First things first I would just love to letcha in on a secret because we all have the capability to be honest with ourselves and of course, each other. Both of my pregnancies were surprises. Total and complete scary, beautiful, amazing, terrifying, surprises (hahaa). A lot of our joys are often given to us in incredible ways. Ways that can only seem to make sense to you. Being a first time Mum at a young 23 all I could think of was the amazing possibilities of being SO YOUNG and able to relate and basically grow-up with my son. I want to say that it’s been all joy and not at all challenging but that is the furthest from the truth. Yes, my husband and I have experienced A LOT of crazy beautiful things as parents. But there’s also the downside of being young, newly married, and with children. Becoming a team with your spouse is one of the hardest things you can experience while parenting. Both of you could’ve been raised on complete opposite sides of the spectrum, or you could’ve been raised pretty much in the same house. Either way, everyone has a different idea then you expected. This has been one of the hurdles that James (my husband) and I have had to get over as we wade through the deep waters. We are getting better (praaaaaaise Jesus) and can problem solve without getting into arguments with each other over silly things. Fast-forward to us getting pregnant again when Jax was about 8.5-9 months! During that time I wasn’t really recharged and Jax was still not sleeping through the night yet. We were planning to get pregnant by the summer of 2015 because we wanted both boys to be close enough in age. Needless to say that plan obviously flew out the window. We welcomed our second beautiful boy Beau via c-section which was not our first option but had to happen due to a low-lying placenta (google it incase you don’t know!) Beau was and is a whole different kind of baby. He hates the car, is especially clingy to me, cries a lot, and doesn’t like crowds. We’ve become accustomed to making sure we always have a few soft books with us whenever we travel (which you can pick up at either Indigo, Chapters, or Coles) they’re these amazing baby books that the babes can chew on or flip through with beautiful bright colours that can feature different animals and bugs. They’re a lifesaver, totally recommend!

As much as having two under 2 seems absolutely crazy, it can work.

A few important things to keep in mind though is to try to never feel alone. The feeling of sheer isolation is absolutely not true! There’s all kinds of fun mum and baby programs that you can get involved in and meet a bunch of new people.

Having friends come over and hang with you and your baby is a MUST. You need that time to still connect with the people that are still in your life whether they’re a parent or not.

Remember that you’re ALLOWED to do things for yourself! Any time someone suggests an hour or two away for yourself, DO TAKE IT!

Lastly, remember that your husband is a second parent! I’ve found that Dad’s are often treated as babysitters and like they have no real idea with what they’re doing (hello baby boomers, wake up and smell the modern age of STAY AT HOME DADS).

What has helped me keep my sanity on a lot of my days is my creativity! I LOVE edgy, boho, or rock & roll fashion! I go to thrift stores and re-vamp different items that I buy and turn them into something distressed! I also, make jewelry of all kinds. I’ve always enjoyed doing things with my hands and put them to use whenever I can. I have an IG page called “roamertee”! Feel free to contact me to collaborate on anything, to purchase, or if you want a specialty piece done by me!

Obviously I have my days where I look at myself in the mirror with sleepy red eyes, the greasiest hair or all time, hear the grumbling in my tummy because I haven’t had breakfast yet, and see the scar on my stomach from my c-section and think “Oh my God, this is sheer madness and I can’t do it” but it’s all okay. I see the joy in my boy’s faces on a regular basis and remember that this is what parenting is all about. Trying to not sweat the small stuff is a hard task (believe me hahaa) but taking in everything as it comes and accepting the fact that you’ll never be the perfect parent is what makes every single day easier and easier. We are all just out here doing our thing and taking whatever comes our way! "