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Traveling with kids

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TRAVELING WITH KIDS is always an adventure. We love to travel with our little family, it’s such a special time to make memories, explore together, and spend time just as our little family unit. With how crazy things have been while Sam finishes residency we haven’t been doing as many worldwide adventures as we’d like but we have spent weekends at the farm or cottage, or visiting his family in Florida for a week or two every winter - often with me flying solo with the kids!

All that to say I’ve learned quite a few tricks and essential items to have along the way.



Bring more than you need! We love to bring small item snacks that will take them a while to eat, such as goldfish crackers, raisins, popcorn, trail mix etc. A little bowl of fishie crackers can occupy a solid 15 minutes of your trip, and every minute counts!



This little lounger is a GAME CHANGER. I was given a complimentary dock-a-tot to review for you guys and all I can say is that I wish I had one for my other two babies, I can’t sing it’s praises enough! Designed in Sweden, it is adorable and comfortable - can we talk about the Oh Joy collab for this beautiful pattern?! It’s meant for lounging, playing, co-sleeping, and snuggling. The design makes it feel like the baby is snug as a bug (reminiscent of the good old days in mama’s tummy).

It’s perfect for traveling as it makes for easy resting and naps while in different places. Already when we’ve gone to someone’s house, to the farm, or the cottage we’ve brought it and Honey loves it so much. It’s perfect for her to lay in and have her brothers come and snuggle up and say hi!

Honey lounging in her Dock A Tot while the rest of us eat dinner

Honey lounging in her Dock A Tot while the rest of us eat dinner


We bought a couple of sketching boards for the boys when I was doing a six hour drive alone with the boys last year. These are a dream since they are compact and we can play lots of different games with them.

And the Dollar store is your best friend! We buy little Dino figurines, stickers, colouring books, play dough, glow sticks, slinkies, little books, etc and give them one toy every 30ish min to occupy them and keep things exciting!